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LifeCaps Disclaimer

LifeCaps is 100% safe!

We took our formula to an independent Molecular Biologist to get his opinion of LifeCaps as being one of the best survival food items on the market. He pronounced it safe, and functional.

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LifeCaps Guarantee

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are unhappy with our 30 count product for any reason, you must return the unused portion of the product within 30 days of purchase and you can receive a prompt full refund, less shipping and handling. The unused portion of the 30 count bottle must be returned in order for us to process a refund and you must pay the return shipping. This Guarantee is for one 30 count bottle per household only. To ensure rapid handling of your return, please notify us in advance of your returning any product by calling 1-800-619-2277 or e-mailing us at but simply returning a product without notifying us in advance will delay the processing of your return and refund. NOTE: Our return process is intended to warranty that quantity of product customarily consumed during the 30-Day warranty period following that product’s Suggested Use. It is not intended to warranty the removal or consumption of excessive quantities during that 30-Day period. For obvious reasons, a large supply of product emptied and consumed during the warranty period will be subject to a complete denial of the 30-Day warranty. LifeCaps Nutraceuticals PO Box 711543 Salt Lake City, UT 84171 

LifeCaps is to be used in times of emergency when food might not be available. It will curb appetite and provide your body the essential vitamins and minerals to survive on a short-term basis until real food arrives. LifeCaps is Not a Diet Pill and was never designed to be such. LifeCaps contains no stimulants of any kind and can be taken on an empty stomach. Weight loss may occur if you lower the intake of calories to your daily diet. Although LifeCaps is not a diet pill, many have used it to control appetite when a busy schedule doesn’t permit sitting down to a meal. LifeCaps can satisfy that gap between meals. LifeCaps is not a meal replacement, as it contains no protein, omega oils or amino acids. It was designed to be a small pill size solution to short term survival. Our only claim is this. “If you are in a situation where you are not able to obtain real food, you will be much more comfortable taking LifeCaps than nothing at all.” We recommend you add LifeCaps to your survival food storage and when it comes to your 72 hour kit, make sure LifeCaps is on your survival food list. 

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